Unwind, De-stress at Mirra Mitta!

No need to pay for a spa treatment! Just visit Mirra Mitta Bore!

Don’t step into the bore pond though – the water comes out at around 100 degrees celsius! (It cools down further down the creek.)

I’m forever amazed at the bird and animal life around a desert bore. Mirra Mitta’s an oasis!


Mirra Mitta Bore, Birdsville Track
Mirra Mitta Bore, The Birdsville Track

Can you see the corellas in the trees? There could easily have been a hundred. Although that’s nothing compared to the massive clouds of birds I’ve seen in Birdsville whirling in the sky like fluid. I’d love to know how they do it without bumping into each other! Somehow they move as one entity.


These bores were sunk by the government so that cattle could get down from Birdsville to Marree for en route to market without carking it basically! See the Mirra Mitta Bore audio track. That track also explains how the Great Artesian Basin was formed! (That’s where the water comes from.)

Cattle at Mirra Mitta Bore on the Birdsville Track