Things To Do On the Birdsville Track

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Birdsville Track Audio Tour

  • Experience remote living through the locals’ eyes
  • Walk in the footsteps of Australia’s first explorers
  • Discover the desert’s extreme ecology
  • Find out how the Simpson Desert was formed!
  • Crazy, extreme stories about Afghan cameleers, Aboriginal rainmakers, and Drovers and more!

Water At sunset just north of Mungerannie

Desert sunset near Mungerannie

Spend a little time in the desert and this is what you’ll see – beautiful sunsets and a wide, flat horizon. It’s almost surreal! This was taken just north of Mungerannie …
Mulka Store Ruins on the Birdsville Track

Mulka Store

Mulka Store sold everything a drover and his family might need, from ribbons to spurs. It was created and run by George and Mabel Aiston from the 1920s through to the 50s. George, nicknamed ‘Poddy’ because of his big belly, was described by mailman Tom Kruse as: … a most …
Lake Harry Station

Lake Harry Station

Who would have dreamt that Lake Harry Station used to be a date plantation! It was part of a government experiment in new commercial crops. The seedlings were planted in 1897. The date palms grew well but the planners forgot one very small – and very important – requirement… Date …
Mungerannie Bush Spa

You’ve got to stop in Mungerannie!

You’ve got to stop in Mungerannie because it’s the only fuel stop between Birdsville and Marree!Apart from temptations like:Hot food, Hot showers, Motel rooms, Beer &Publican Phil Gregurky’s entertainment value,Mungerannie has a beautiful hot bush spa!  The desert isn’t known for its ducks but here’s one in Mungerannie! You’ll find plenty of waterbirds …
Mirra Mitta Bore - Use for Cannuwaukaninna Bore DSCN1689

Unwind, De-stress at Mirra Mitta!

No need to pay for a spa treatment! Just visit Mirra Mitta Bore!Don’t step into the bore pond though – the water comes out at around 100 degrees celsius! (It cools down further down the creek.)I’m forever amazed at the bird and animal life around a desert bore. Mirra Mitta’s …