Birdsville Track Audio Tour Northbound – Digital Download


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Let’s face it, the Birdsville Track is just another dirt road – until the Birdsville Track Audio Tour brings it alive, highlighting hidden gems you’d otherwise zoom past!

This tour is the insider view of Jackie Stallard who lived and loved in Birdsville for 7 years.

Travel with Jackie and discover the Birdsville Track!…

  • What’s it really like to live here? Experience remote living through the┬álocals’ eyes
  • Walk in the footsteps of Australia’s first Outback explorers
  • Discover the desert’s extreme and surprising ecology
  • Find out how the Simpson Desert and Great Artesian Basin were formed!
  • Absorb the crazy stories of this legendary outback area’s first settlers
  • Imagine strings of a hundred camels, Aboriginal rainmakers, and Drovers!

And that’s not all!…

  • Take time to camp
  • Lounge in a hot bush spa
  • Meet some of the locals you’ve heard on the audio tour!
  • Finally the sand and gibber stones give up their secrets!

Countless hours of interviews and research condensed into 45 pity, astounding tracks, complete with sound effects, 186 minutes long. You’ll wish it didn’t have to end!

Note that the Birdsville Track Audio Tour digital downloads contain 11 bonus tracks – 28 minutes more than the double CD!


  • Birdsville Track Audio Tour Map (jpg and pdf). Points of interest are marked┬áso that you know where to play each audio track.
  • Notes (jpg and pdf)
  • 45 audio tracks:
    1 Introduction
    2 Birdsville Track
    3 Marree
    4 Lake Harry Stn
    5 Dog Fence
    6 Clayton Stn
    7 Lake Eyre Basin
    8 Samuel Parry’s Cairn
    9 Dulkaninna’s Exclosure
    10 Dulkaninna Stn
    11 Milner’s Pile
    12 Cannuwaukaninna Bore
    13 Etadunna Station
    14 The Missions
    15 The Cooper
    16 Kopperamanna
    17 The Mailmen
    18 Mulka Store
    19 Mulka Stn
    20 Sturts Stony Desert
    21 Mungerannie Roadhse
    22 Mungerannie Stn
    23 Cowarie Stn
    24 Kalamurina Stn
    25 Mungerannie Gap
    26 The Rain Men
    27 Mirra Mitta Bore
    28 Mount Gason
    29 Mount Gason Wattle Project
    30 Warburton Track
    31 Clifton Hills Station
    32 Inside Track
    33 Charles Sturt
    34 Walker’s Crossing
    35 Koonchera
    36 Burke and Wills
    37 Blue Ute
    38 Page Family Cairn
    39 Pandie Pandie Station
    40 Queensland/SA Border
    41 Birdsville Developmental Rd
    42 Roseberth Station
    43 Diamantina River
    44 Birdsville
    45 Conclusion