Lyn Rowlands

Lyn Rowlands BirdsvilleLyn Rowlands was born and bred in Birdsville. In fact, she was born in a shed at the back of the old Birdsville clinic, which is now a museum.

Lyn remembers the old days, when the women went down to the Billabong to collect water and wash their clothes. She washed her babies in a tarp-lined hole in the ground. Her house was car port on Graham Street, with a dirt floor that flooded when it rained.

At Christmas, Santa used to arrive on an aeroplane. He’d land on the main street and hand out lollies. Christmas celebrations were held at the old clinic, in separate rooms for Aboriginal and white people, with separate Christmas trees.

Now, Lyn works at Birdsville State School and the clinic. If you see her, give her a wave.