Birdsville Track Audio Tour

Birdsville Track
Most of the Birdsville Track looks like this!

The Birdsville Track is full of waterholes, ruins, colourful history and extreme stories! But they’re sooo easy to miss!

I’m not joking! I lived in Birdsville for 7 years, running the Big Red Café and Blue Poles Gallery. So many times travellers said, ‘I’ve wanted to see the Birdsville Track all my life and it’s nothing but rocks and dust!’

That’s not true! The Birdsville Track is an amazing place with mind-boggling stories and bizarre facts about Aboriginal culture, Afghan cameleers, explorers, settlers, the unique ecology and today’s locals.

But they’re hidden! You can speed by the waterholes and ruins without realising they’re there. And the only way you’ll hear the extreme stories is by reading a shelfload of books or listening to the Birdsville Track Audio Tour.

You’ve just spent a fortune getting to the Birdsville Track. So don’t spent your savings travelling all the way to the desert in high hopes, and then miss it!

I have a passion for the Birdsville Track. I love hearing the crazy, heart-wrenching stories and mingling with outback characters. I’m intrigued by the weird, wonderful ways of desert plants and animals and the way hot water just spurts from the ground!

I want to share that with you.

Here’s what you’ll get with the Birdsville Track Audio Tour:

  • A double CD, or mp3 files that you can download immediately after purchase
  • Forty-five audio tracks – over two hours of play time to entertain you on your trip!
  • A map to show you where to play each track
  • Local people explaining what it’s really like to live in a remote area
  • Extreme stories about explorers and local characters
  • Birdsville Track history – the goss on local Aboriginal groups (Dieri, Arunda, Kokatha), Afghans and white settlers
  • Descriptions of how Lake Eyre, the Great Artesian Basin, the Simpson Desert, and gibber were formed
  • And that’s the tip of the iceberg!

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Unfortunately I haven’t finished it yet. I under-estimated the work involved in research, writing, interviewing, narrating, recording, mixing in over 200 sound effects, adding music, and production. The good news I’m half way through the mixing. The bad news is I don’t know when it’ll be finished. But if you’re interested, please subscribe to the mailing list or email me.